Royal Beasts Chess Set - Lions & Unicorns

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      In the Autumn of 1952, in preparation for the Queens Coronation, the famous sculptor and Royal Academician James Woodford was called upon to create ten new beasts similar to the Kings Beasts at Hampton Court, these creatures stood six feet high and carved from stone to adorn Westminster Abbey for the event. They too, now reside at Hampton Court.

      Cast from reformed stone this truly is a heavy and sizable set and would look magnificent on display. The King is six and a half inches high and the set weighs approx 4KG!

      The Set Itself:

      The Silver Side..

      - King: Lion of England
      - Queen: Unicorn of Scotland
      - Knight: White Horse of Hanover
      - Bishop: White Lion of Mortimer
      - Castle: Falcon of the Plantagents
      - Pawn: White Greyhound of Richmond

      The Bronze Side..

      - King: Lion of England
      - Queen: Unicorn of Scotland
      - Knight: Yale of Beaufort
      - Bishop: Black Bull of Clarence
      - Castle: The Griffin of Edward III
      - Pawn: The Dragon of Wales


      Each set is hand cast, painted, stained and lacquered to give a durable high quality result yet still retaining a certain ceramic and antique finish.

      The king is 6.5 inches in height and the set, unpacked, weighs approx 4KG and would suit a board, not included, with squares approx 2.25 inches or more.


      Each piece is individually wrapped in bubble wrap and then the whole set. This is then packed in a sturdy cardboard box into which is packed polystyrene peanuts for extra padding.



      Shipping average time to the US - 4-6 weeks

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